IS: A place to discuss how to not be a sucker in our own lives

ISN’T: A place where you will find pontifications from an expert, or the correct meaning of any of subject matters and topics covered in or inspired by the book Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb or any other of his works, or book reviews and critiques of his work.

I am just a guy that when reading The Black Swan  and particularly Antifragile found myself alternating between two distinct thoughts.

“Yeah, I knew that in my gut, I’ve never trusted (data, economists, academics, etc…) and Mr. Taleb just found a way to put into eloquent words what I already knew, aren’t I a smart guy.”


“Oh shit, that’s me, the non-flattering guy in Mr. Taleb’s anecdote, I really value (being “right”, winning arguments, neomania, thinking poorly of religious rituals, etc…) and wow, I have been a sucker more often than I like to acknowledge.”

What an experience it was to read books that were simultaneously so affirming and so jarring.

I hope to bring up topics that had a particular impact on me (and maybe you too).  Also, areas where I am not so sure that I grasp what the full implications are to an actual person’s life.  And, especially, topics where I mostly agree with Mr. Taleb but not quite – for instance, while I walk a great deal, and hate gyms, I have an exercise machine in my basement that has seemingly done wonders for me.

Over time I hope to start discussions about topics related to Mr. Taleb’s work, such as the 80/20 principle and the book of that name, philosophers, and various people that actually do things.

If any of this seems interesting to you, I look forward to your return.

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